If you ate today, thank a farmer

October 12th is recognized as National Farmers Day and Santoni’s Country Market and Catering wants to send a huge thank you to all the farmers that make it possible for us to run our store. Did you know we have over 15 local Maryland “farmers” sell their products at our store? It ranges from Farmer Tom’s amazing produce harvested in Reisterstown to Gunpowder Bison and Trading Company in Monkton. We have fresh Honey from Honey Harvest Company and fresh cheese from Whispering Breeze farm and Caprikorn Farms. And we love that we offer Baughers local apples, corn, pumpkins and other seasonal items to our customers every day. Santoni’s loves supporting local farms and farmers alike.

National Farmers Day is a day to recognize and pay tribute to all the hard working farmers that get up early every day and go to bed only when there is no longer sunlight to see by, so we can all wake up and have fresh food every day. They rarely ever get time off, (because cows don’t milk themselves) and sacrifice their family time day in and out to offer everyone the best local products they can. National Farmers Day is observed in October because this is usually the end of the main harvesting season. Though if any one knows a farmer, you know that they never stop working.

There are over 600 farms just in Baltimore County and thousands thru out Maryland. So please remember to thank a farmer for the fresh food you eat today and every day. And please stop in Santoni’s Country Market to see all the local fresh farm products we have to offer.

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