Breakfast on your Wedding Day

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Despite all your efforts to plan and create a perfectly peaceful wedding day, you will most likely still be nervous and making last minute decisions. Your bridesmaids will be ready for your salon appointment and will probably be hungry. Making a meal will take away precious time and create even more stress. Forget that! You should seriously consider hiring a caterer for breakfast on your wedding day. We here at Santoni’s can prepare a delicious gourmet meal that fits the dietary needs of your guests. Things will already be crazy, so think about limiting your sugar intake the morning of the wedding. The last thing you need is to be bouncing off the walls of the salon with a sugar buzz. Santoni’s can prepare a wholesome, easy clean-up meal that can be eaten at home or out at the salon with your bridesmaids. Think about how much time you have, where you will be throughout the day, and plan accordingly. A nice sit-down breakfast with eggs, breakfast meats and mimosas can be an exceptional way to start your day, but if you’re going to be on the run, something less messy will be your best choice. Fruit salad, croissants, breakfast wraps, tea, and coffee can work well. Santoni’s has a wide range of breakfast options for brides and their bridesmaids.   Food should be enough to hold everyone over until the reception, but not enough to leave everyone feeling stuffed. A great wedding breakfast will set the tone for an amazing wedding day!