Color Theory: Wedding Edition

Color Theory: Wedding Edition
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Picking your wedding colors/ theme for your wedding! This is one of those things that seems easy until you get started. Then, like a basement renovation or shopping for peanut butter, the sheer volume of choices overwhelm you. I’m here to say you can do this! Color does a lot for us subconsciously, so this is important, but it’s also meant to be fun. Your wedding colors add personality and flare, so let take a look at a couple factors that will help you narrow down your choices.  

Thoughts on the subject:

Try using paint chips. Head to Home Depot and have a fiesta with their paint section. It helps to see your colors together and helps other people to see what exactly you mean by “coral.”  Also… Here is an awesome website to help you choose a color palette. You can search by theme or by color value and it will give you other colors to match along with great visuals. This is a great way to find colors that you may not have thought of!

Be kind to your bridesmaids/ groomsmen. They are your loved ones, and spending a fair bit of time, energy and money on this wedding, so pick a color that they can all live with and look good in. If your people are a very different in size, shape, or color try shades of the same color or different materials to keep everyone looking photo- ready. I’ve also seen some nice things done with bridesmaid dresses this way.

Don’t necessarily go with the trend. Go with what you love and what looks good, because you’re going to be looking at these photos long after mint green is out of style (I still love you, mint!) On the other hand, don’t be afraid to pick a color you’ve already seen.

Consider everything before making your color choices. Cake. Bridesmaid dresses. Invitations, Table Settings, Flowers, Linens, Chair Sashes, Favors, Candles, Shoes. Just as important as the colors is what you choose to leave open. Creamy white can balance a deep color and maintain the peaceful feeling in a room.  A lovely slate gray can calm down a bright color and keep if from being garish or childish looking. Just choose with care and get samples!

Choose colors from the season you are getting married in-  reds, oranges, ochre for fall, light green, blue, yellow for the spring, deep beachy colors for summer- you get it. I included a pic for winter weddings, because I was kind of stumped, but they did a very nice job!

Also consider your location. For a church wedding maybe cream and coral. For the beach, cerulean, navy, aqua, indigo to match the sky and water? A garden wedding… go wild! This is also the chance to incorporate little details in your table setting and around the room to add to the atmosphere.

Last thought- lighting. Natural light changes so much depending on the time of day. A color that looks pretty online, may look different at night or by fluorescent lighting. If you have the opportunity, check your colors in the afternoon, evening, or by the kind of lighting you’ll have if you’re going to be indoors.

Some Resources: This is another great site with free inspiration boards- usable for any event, but definitely for weddings. She actually has a page for Disney princess themed weddings- and it all looks very classy! Just sayin.’ – has yet more advice!

Also! *none* of these pictures were taken or made by Santoni’s! It is visual inspiration for you all and we do NOT own any of these images. I got everything off of Pinterest/ Weddings which is another awesome resource:

This is where I stole that bridesmaid photo from: