Comfort Foods

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Martini Potato Bar Compressed for WebA huge trend in catering right now is comfort food.  Guests appreciate a hearty, delicious meal that hearkens back to their grandma’s cooking. We aren’t suggesting you simply serve hot dogs, hamburgers, and fried chicken. There are plenty of ways to add exciting gourmet elements and culinary trends to old favorites. We have seen several revamped comfort foods become very popular.

Mashed Potato Bars

Guest can top freshly mashed potatoes with crumbled bacon, shredded cheese, chives, sour cream, broccoli, and roasted garlic. For a slightly more refined palate, we can pair the potatoes with Asiago Cheese, Sopressata, Pancetta, a meaty mushroon like Portobellos, or many other options.

Pork or Beef “Parfaits”

Layers of Meat , Starch, and something with a crisp texture (like Cole Slaw) create an amazing wedding snack. Boog’s BBQ offers a great example of these at their Ocean City (MD) location. Here’s a picture, but warning, don’t stare for too long if you don’t like a drool-covered keyboard.

Gourmet Mac n Cheese Bar

The possibilities with Mac n Cheese are limitless. Fried versions are always popular. This dish has a lot of flavor on its own when done correctly, so any additional topping should have enough flavor to be noticeable (assuming you want it to be noticeable). A sharp cheese, braised meat, or smokey fish could work well.

Mini Burgers

Kobe or Wagyu Beef has been popular in recent years for its high marbling and unsaturated fat contents. Flavored Aiolis also complement these very well. Small gourmet buns, such as Brioche, are also popular.

Make your Own Grilled Cheese

Guests can pick what they want and use a sandwich maker as a fun way to get exactly what they want from this old family classic.


One fellow blog writer mentioned that Wisconsonians love their fried cheese curds. This could be an interesting new addition to your menu. Speaking of cheese curds, a Quebecois favorite that has been turning heads in the US now is Poutine. This blend of hot gravy, fries, and cheese curds is insanely good and definitely worth a try. Gourmands might enjoy something similar to this Foie Gras Poutine sold at Au Pied du Cochon in Montreal.

Following the trend towards East Indian Cusine, diners may love Pakora, a deep fried snack served similarly to French Fries in South Asia. It has also become vastly popular in the U.K.

Comfort Foods are a warm and inviting food everyone will enjoy. You have a ton of options and plenty of ways from keeping foods boring and greasy. However, many of these options are high caloric, which will invariably not suit all your guests’ desires. Remember to include lighter options for those who want a healthier meal.