Decorating Your Holiday Table

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As stressful as a holiday party can be (cleaning! in-laws!) the final effect can be worth it all. Picture a   table laden with  savory food and a beautiful centerpiece. A sparkling room filled with the happy hum of  laughing friends and family, gathered together to celebrate and enjoy. Today, I’m posting some tips on getting the “sparkling” and “beautiful centerpiece” portion of that picture. (Just call us for the “platters of savory food part.”) I talked to our catering sales associates and took some notes.

Start with your linens- go bold, bright, and shimmery. Actually the girls say as a theme all things sparkly works for the holidays. Below are some pictures to spur your imagination. For your centerpiece, try getting a glass pillar or silver dish and filling it with Christmas ornaments or flowers.  One of our catering specialists fills glass vases with cranberries and nestles a candle in for a traditional and colorful table piece. Also try dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks for spicy fragrance in the room. For rustic, grab colored wine bottles with a little spray of tall simple flowers. My new idea for this year? I’d like to use our old metal cookie cutters as place cards for each table setting. Alright! Get out there and start decorating! (My last tip: you can never go wrong with votive candles!)