Feeding Wedding Guests

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When we think about planning food for a wedding, we often focus almost entirely on the reception. However, there is a good chance guests for your ceremony will be hungry for several meals. While it is reasonable to expect them to find food on their own during their time apart from you in town, with long-lost friends and relatives there is a good chance you’ll be spending time together. Of course, you could prepare a delicious meal for 20, if you want to spend your whole time in the kitchen. Think about hiring a caterer to ease your burden. Options range from snacks and finger food to 3 course meals on hot trays with service. You just need to consider how many people you will be having, when and where they will be during your wedding weekend, and what types of dietary restrictions they have. Staying at home to eat will reduce the chaos of coordinating a huge meetup at your local restaurant and allow for a more relaxed wedding experience. Check out Santonis for a detailed descriptions of all the possibilities!