Gift Cards Galore!

Gift Cards Galore!
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We dread it every year. Looking for gifts to give to the people we love, that just so happen to be difficult to shop for. Would they like this? Maybe? I think they already have one of those… or do they? We rummage through ideas in our head as we try to push aside the tempting thought of the gift card carousel. ”Gift cards are so impersonal!” I’ve heard my mother say a thousand times when she asks me what I want for Christmas. I’ve heard the stigma repeated by surrounding holiday shoppers as well, while they picked up several items that had a good chance of being re-gifted in the future.

However there came a point where I decided to rid myself of the stress and give in to the gift card carousel. The point being my Christmas epiphany; which was that any gift is as personal or impersonal as you make it. In addition to each card I bought, I also picked up a blank holiday card. When I got home, I locked myself in my room, as I do when wrapping gifts so no one could “accidentally” peek. I pulled out all the goodies I had hauled home, and paired each gift card with a holiday card, keeping in mind who I intended to receive them. I then pulled out one of my favorite pens and began to write.

Dear Dad,
Merry Christmas! Every year you always receive something in relation to Star Trek, which we all know you love, or a new tie to wear to the office, and I’m sure this year will be no exception. But I wanted to do something a little different. One of my most clear childhood memories is that on Sunday mornings after church, you would often treat us to a muffin and drink of our choice at Santoni’s, while Mom did some grocery shopping for dinner that night. It became something that both my younger sister and I would look forward to. And having food in our bellies, we would laugh and joke all the way on the ride home. I just wanted to thank you for that. So the next after church brunch stop is on me! Merry Christmas!
Love, the older daughter

I enclosed the gift card and sealed the envelope. I couldn’t remember ever writing anything so personal to my Dad, and even found myself a little misty-eyed. I took a breath and tucked the envelope into a gift bag with a present I had bought for him a few weeks prior. And I was satisfied that would be enough. While I know he will be excited to receive the larger gift, I also know that the card I wrote will live on his desk for the next couple months, and the Sunday after Christmas we will be having muffins and drinks at Santonis, as a family.