Graduating in Style

Graduating in Style
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The graduation season is upon us. Students and parents are scrambling to finalize plans for their next step in life. Graduation means lots of planning and paperwork, but it should also be a celebratory time. Adding party planning to the list of things to do can easily make you too busy to enjoy the social milestone. Getting some help from a catering service can ease the stress and make for an awesome party. We are experts at providing quality food and service. Check out our Social Milestones page for more information on what we do. We will give you some ideas for making your graduation party a success.

Talk to your child.

Ask them how they envision their party. Do they want a party for all their friends or a more intimate setting for the family? Is there a theme they would like? What types of food most interest them?

Look to the future

Graduation is about being sent out on a new life journey. Where is your child headed? If it is a new school, think about decorating in the school colors. Add mascots and logos for excitement.  If they are leaving the educational world, what was their area of study? It could also be used as a theme.

School Theme

Decorations with graduation themes include cap and gown, diploma, and their graduating school colors and insignia.

A caterer can work with you to plan the perfect party for your graduating child. This could include anywhere from takeaway food trays to a fully serviced¬† event with servers and bartenders. Santoni’s is the place to come for figuring out what might work for your next graduation party. Congratulations to all those graduating this spring!