Groom’s Cake: Inspiration

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With wedding orders pouring in, our bakery is heating up to prepare for the wave of  pastries, chocolate dipped everything, and of course-  cakes! Some brides are going for lacy and intricate, white on white cakes. Some are having colorful ruffles or feathers or polka dots. I have even seen the vows written in script directly on the cake- beautiful! But the most fun has got to be the groom’s cake! After all the groom’s cake is your chance to have some fun, show your personality, how you met, or a fun fact about your guy. It’s a great way to add some flavor (pun totally intended!) to your reception and to push your theme a bit further. And it’s our chance to show off a little! Here’s some visual inspiration (words really don’t do justice.) Now, these are *not* cakes that we have made… yet. We are not taking credit, we are just giving you a chance to look at what other couples have done, get inspired, do some research, and enjoy the process!


Remember, we are not taking credit for these wonderful works of edible art, we just love them and wanted to share them with you! Here’s the sites I found them on- take a look, talk to your groom and get your imaginations flowing… and then call up our catering services and get started!!