Our Story
Proud History

Santoni’s was founded in 1931 by our grandfather Savino (Pop Pop), our grandmother Yolanda (Nonnie), and Pop’s brother Terzo, in the back of their humble East Baltimore home. Working a second job at Bethlehem Steel as a tinner, our grandfather, with the help of Nonnie and Terzo, were able to hold the company together through the Great Depression.

During the 1940’s, the company moved out of the home where it was founded to a row house around the corner on Eaton Street. Two of the four sons, Bob and Paul, developed an interest in the small family business and took it over in 1972 when Pop Santoni retired. As our grandparents proudly watched on, our Uncle Bobby and Uncle Paul took a small neighborhood store and grew it into a successful company, based on hard work and perseverance.

In the summer of 1986, an experiment in theme, Santoni’s of Glyndon, was created with the help of our aunt and uncle, Gini and John Neubauer. It was envisioned to be a special market encompassing old-fashion customer service with the freshest variety of foods. We wanted a bright, clean and cheerful store where customers would be called by name, reminiscent of the tradition of Savino, Yolanda and Terzo over 75 years ago.

Santoni’s Catering was also founded in 1986 and has also grown significantly over the years as we continue to invest in, and enhance our catering services to provide deliciously memorable events for our clients. With great excitement, we have since opened our catering sales office that has provided the additional space for our Catering Event and Sales Team, as well as giving us the perfect meeting space for client tastings and open house events. We are proud to be listed as one of Baltimore’s Top Ten Caterers and are thankful for the many clients who have helped us achieve that growth.

As third generation owners, we are committed to the principles our family has passed down over the years, “Care for your customers like family, respect your staff, operate with Integrity and God’s Spirit, work hard and smart, and never ever stop learning.” We carry that vision today, anchored by our Faith, grounded in tradition, strengthened by enthusiasm and directed by our hearts to create a company full of the greatest of possibilities. We welcome you to experience Santoni’s Marketplace & Catering, with pride.

Lou and Rick Santoni

Lou's Bio

Lou Santoni

Lou, the company’s co-founder, has been actively involved in the business since he was a boy, bagging groceries next to his grandfather Savino, when he was too short to properly place items in the paper bags. His grandfather encouraged him nonetheless, and Lou loved spending time with him and helping in any way he could. As a teenager, Lou’s uncles, Bob and Paul Santoni, gave him the opportunity to learn by immersing him in many of the aspects of the family business. Lou always had a desire to be an entrepreneur, and attended Eastern Michigan University to complete a Business Degree in Marketing in 1985. Within a year of graduating, Lou joined his brother Rick, as they opened Santoni’s Marketplace & Catering in Glyndon. Lou’s love of the study of leadership and vision, coupled with his strong faith, has been a driving force in his life and for his company. Lou and his brother Rick have built an amazing team that has grown the company to now employ a staff 160 strong, and is one of Baltimore’s Top Ten Caterers by sales. He has been married for over 25 years to the love of his life and has the gift of a son who lights up his world and gives him joy beyond measure. He is involved with his local church, speaks on faith and business in small groups as well as at the university level. Lou loves the Orioles, gardening and cycling, and most of all, spending time with his family and friends. True to his life mission, he seeks every opportunity to encourage, challenge and inspire others to be, “All, that God has intended them to be”…

Rick's Bio

Rick Santoni

Rick, the company’s co-founder, knew as a teenager that he wanted to go into business with his brother Lou. The time presented itself in the summer of 1986 when Rick and Lou left their lives behind and moved to Baltimore to start training. Rick immersed himself in every aspect of the business working over 80 hours a week in those early years. It was at that time when he came to master the finer skills of running the deli, meat, and catering aspects of the company. Over the years, Rick and his team took a small deli style caterer and turned it into one of Baltimore’s Top Ten Caterers by sales, with a staff of over 160 strong. Rick now leads the company catering sales team and prides himself on great customer relations and service. There are not many of our customers that come in to the market to which Rick doesn’t know their name. He lives in Carroll County and has been married for over seventeen years to the most amazing woman and has four beautiful children. His faith is a Cornerstone in his life and he is very involved with his local church, active in the men’s ministry, leads a small group alongside his wife, and volunteers regularly. Rick loves to golf, ski and fish, but most of all, savors every minute he can spend with his  family.