Partying with Teens

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We all know teenagers love to party. Today we’d like to give you some tips to keep things safe and fun.


Alcohol in the hands of teens is a dangerous thing. Drinking causes damage to their still developing bodies and often leads to poor decision making. It is always important to limit alcohol to responsible consumption by adults. However, oftentimes alcohol at parties is too poorly protected and shared with those who are still underage. One can prevent this by having someone supervise the alcohol. This can most conveniently be done by hiring a professional bartender trained in serving safely. Santoni’s bartenders are all TIPS trained for responsible alcohol service.

Keep the Party Interesting

Teens, a naturally wandering bunch, love to sneak off. Don’t give them a reason to. Make your party fun and exciting for them by providing relevant entertainment. Hire  a DJ in touch with new music. Talk with your child and find some activities that they and their friends would enjoy. Many teens like video games, think about having a party style system, like Nintendo’s Wii to keep things moving. Volleyball, kickball, and other sports can also provide a way to get everybody together in a safe and fun way.

Serve Exceptional Food

Teenagers eat. and eat. and eat. They love snacking and chowing down on anything they can get their hands on. When planning a party for teens, think easy to eat and as little potentially messy cleanup as possible. Santoni’s has some amazing circle subs that work amazingly well for satisfying big groups of teenagers. We see them dissappear extremely quickly expecially around graduation season.  Any item from our Deli Specialty menu makes for an awesome party tray. I can myself remember as a kid being excited to see a Santoni’s sub platter appear at my parents’ parties.