Signature Drinks, What to Know and Why

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sigdrinksEvery host wants their party to be special. We decorate, prepare a special menu, and do our best to make guests feel appreciated. Another way to make your event special can be feauturing a signature drink. This could be a favorite drink of an honored guest, a seasonal favorite (such as Irish Coffee on St.Patrick’s Day), or even something you just feel everyone needs to try. Working with a caterer to design a drink is a simple way to ensure everyone gets the same amazing quality drink without relying on guests to measure, mix, and mash. Click here for details on Santoni’s recommended liquor packages. Expecting guests to make their own signature drinks can oftentimes leave your party with a lot of confused faces. Don’t forget the underaged or non alcohol drinkers when designing a drink. These guests want to enjoy the flavors of your special drink too! Consider the theme and decor of the event when planning your drinks. If your wedding is blue and black, try a blue and black cocktail. The drinks should complement the atmosphere of the party. Having a signature drink can also save time and money. Having a set recipe allows the service team to have everything ready to serve as guests arrive. Who wants to wait in line at the bar for 30 minutes? Work with an expert mixologist (any good caterer will know one) to prepare something special that will be sure to wow guests.