Spring Catering Trends

Spring Catering Trends
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Based off of what we’ve seen so far this year, we wanted to let you know what the hottest catering trends of the season are so you can better plan your upcoming events! We had the opportunity to cater a lunch at Irvine Nature Center this month, and here’s some of the trends we used.


More and more people are seeking out local markets for locally produced food. Santoni’s is not only a local small business but we also use local ingredients! This ties directly into the next trend on the list.


Healthier choices are on the rise. People are looking to local markets to provide them with healthier options. Organic produce for example is a major deciding factor for many of our Marketplace shoppers, and people expect the same high quality from the Catering side as well.

Small Plates

Hand in hand with healthier choices comes smaller portions on smaller plates. Not only is this a healthier way to  eat, but it also enables guest to try everything on the menu without feeling that they need to stuff themselves only to regret it later.

If you want to see pictures of our light and airy menu choices for Irvine Nature Center, visit our Pinterest page and check it out!