Spring cleaning? We know what you’re thinking, but leave the broom and mop in the closet. Its time for a spring cleaning of your diet! If your New Year’s resolution was to eat healthier but the cold winter months left you snuggled up near the fire with desserts, now is your chance for a makeover.

Here are 5 simple ways to eat healthier for spring!

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    1. Clean out that pantry! Hiding sweets in the back of the pantry will not stop you from indulging when you get a craving. The best way to avoid eating sweets and other unhealthy food is to make sure they aren’t in the house where you can get your hands on them. So, make sure to be strong when you go to the store and leave the cookies or chips on the shelf!


    1. Kick the soda to the curb. Loaded with sugars and caffeine, soda is a silent killer. Drinking your calories is a sure way to keep on any unwanted weigh. Try just drinking water. For an extra splash of flavor add strawberries, cucumbers or lemon to a tall glass of H2O.


    1. Don’t load up your plate. Portions are everything when it comes to eating right. On your first serving, just add a small amount of food to your plate. If you’re still hungry, get a bit more. Remember, your eyes are bigger than your stomach. Overeating not only leads to health problems but also will prevent you from getting in shape and toning up for the upcoming summer months.


    1. Indulge with sweets in moderation. Desserts are alright in moderation (we all need a little happiness sometimes, right?) Instead of eating a whole cake, share with friends. Get a kiddie ice cream cone rather than a large. Give into your sweet tooth just once or twice a week, not six or seven times. Before you act, think about if you really need that extra bite. Remember that excess sugar and treats are a want, not a need!


  1. Cut out processed foods. Start avoiding processed food just for one meal a day. Don’t eat any processed foods including chips, packaged cookies, sodium-filled sauces, sugary drinks and T.V. dinners. Maybe try to do a full day. Soon you’ll be cutting out unnecessary fats and sugars on a daily basis.

With warm weather approaching, make sure to get outside and get active, too.

Happy cleaning!

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