Thanksgiving Wine

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If the thought of picking a wine to match your turkey dinner sends you into a panic attack, well you’re in good company. Frankly, I just ask people to bring the wine and then figure it’s out of my hands! But this year I’ve done the research, read the reviews, and talked to our friendly neighborhood winery, The Wine Post. Christina Ebmeier, the proprietor, says “Typically for Thanksgiving dinner many people like Riesling, a sweet white wine, Pinot Noir, a mild red, or the ‘holidays- only’ red, Beaujolais Nouveau, a very young French wine that is intended to be consumed when it arrives the week of Thanksgiving and before January or it will turn bad.”

The wine you choose has to coexist with all your savory sides and seasonings, which can be asking alot of a little wine.  I also just found out that it is a tradition for many Americans to partake of American brands only on Thanksgiving, and I just love the idea! There are some fantastic options for keeping your dinner dedicated, and some great sources to keep us all informed.

Stevie Stacionis, a wine blogger for Food Network, mentioned in a recent article that “California Pinot Noir’s plush, easy berry fruit is just the right match for poultry. Pinot Noir from Oregon is also stellar.” He also recommends “a California Chardonnay with a bit of toasty oak and slight creaminess, which just begs for some buttery mashed potatoes and gravy. Washington state produces some excellent Rieslings, both dry and sweet, though I’d vote for dry and save sweet for pairing with pie.”

Now I’m pretty inspired to go shopping, but if you’re still nervous, remember everyone is different, with different tastes. There is no right or wrong in this feild, so at the end of the day make sure you are happy with your choice… because you’ll need it for the leftovers!


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