The Little Things

The Little Things
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Can’t believe it’s almost September? Well, we’re gearing up for the fall wedding season, and I wanted to share some handy little details that I saw making all the difference at some of our summer events:


A snack table available to guests before the ceremony. Those awkward moments when everyone is arriving and small talking? Give the people the popcorn they desire!

IMG_9748 IMG_1061

Also the refreshments they desire… because if popcorn doesn’t make you thirsty, the formal wear and four cans of hairspray you used will. Lemonade, Iced Tea, and Ice cold bottled water will help everyone relax and enjoy!


This is an outdoor wedding- in Maryland? By the water? Hello bugs! So the thoughtful couple provided cans of bug spray for the comfort and sanity of their guests. Also some clever Pinterest-user printed out a label matching the bride’s theme and glued it over the ugly can label. Matching is the new black.


Another thoughtful bride-  tissue packs are provided at the refreshment/ favor table. Perfect for those swept up in the beauty of the moment or the pollen in the air.


I asked our event specialists for any last pearls of wisdom and they all say, “FEED your bridal party!”  They have been working so hard for you- they may forget to look after themselves. Show your appreciation for your group with  appetizers, wrap trays, finger sandwiches, or a fruit/ veggie/ hummus tray. We can deliver to the salon or location where your A Team is getting ready so you don’t have to slow down and they can get the energy they need to speed up!
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