This Mother’s Day, Consider your Options

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What’s the last thing mom should have to do on her day? Dishes, cooking, and cleanup! Yet somehow every year we forget that if the cleanup is there to be done, our dear mothers will be the first ones to do it. This year, we suggest you forget the illusory idea that this one day per year all the sons will miraculously whip up a culinary masterpiece. Give your mothers a treat and order from a caterer.  Check out Santoni’s holiday page for delicious holiday offerings. The food will be delicious when you order from a distinguished catering service, the cleanup is easy, and everyone has time to sit down and share a meal together. You could always choose a restaurant, but eating out for the obligatory brunch on Mother’s Day is bound to lead you to a loud and crowded restaurant with crazy sugar-crazed kids running everywhere. We suggest one of the sons or daughters host with food ordered from expert caterers. Make the setting a special one. Embellish the room with bright ornamentation and citrusy spring scents. Mom will be proud of her young ones. Offer to serve the mothers first (as you really always ought) and even get them Roses or Carnations to demonstrate your appreciation for their constant love and support. Play music you know they will like and order them their favorite dishes. If Mother’s Day really is about our moms, we should make an effort to make it special for them.