Wine Tasting

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If you want an elegant event to say thank you or to celebrate a special event, there are few better options than a wine tasting or dinner.  Many of the tastings we do at Santoni’s feature our Chef’s own special creations tailored specifically to our clients’ needs. A wine event allows guests to experience and enjoy the complex relationship between wine and food. From the novice wine taster to the passionate oenophile, pairing wine with food can be an extremely rewarding culinary experience. Our partner, the Wine Post, has done an excellent job introducing our guests to the world of wine-food pairing. Their expert staff has worked in collaboration with our seasoned kitchen team to produce several outstanding wine dinners right at their store in Glyndon.

If you’re looking for a more personal and intimate setting for your wine tasting event, look no further than your own home. We have done many amazing dinners right in our guests’ homes. For a home event, you have several options for wine pairing. You can hire a sommelier or expert in wines, have one of the Mid-Atlantic’s excellent local vineyards provide your wines and send a representative to help you pair with your meals’ courses, or you can attempt to experiment with the pairings on your own. Santoni’s welcomes events employing any of these options! Call us today with any questions. We’ll also include a few introductory tips to wine pairing here…

The goal in matching wines is to first prevent one aspect of the pairing over power another. Experts call this matching “weights”. Strong foods pair well with strong tasting wines and light foods with light wines.

Oldman’s Guide to Outsmarting Wine gives the following simple rankings for wines that can be found here

The Wine Spectator has a more detailed guide available here

Wine dinners or tastings are an awesome way to elegantly serve your guests. The combination of wine, a meal, and maybe a cheese course, provides an incomparable culinary experience that is sure to make for an incredible evening.