Labor Day is over and now school is starting. As much as I love care free summer days playing with the kids, now it is time to send them back to school. I have purchased new clothes, shoes, backpacks, haircuts and so, so many school supplies. I was ready for the new morning rush of kids not able to find their shoes and not able to brush their teeth with out getting distracted by who knows what. Then all that is left to get the kids off to a great start is a healthy breakfast and lunch.

Not sure why I dread this so much; probably because my kids are picky eaters, but thankfully I am able to find tons of quick and healthy options at Santoni’s. I picked up some bagels, milk, orange juice and local fresh fruit for a quick and easy morning breakfast that will hopefully leave the kids full until lunch.

So far easy enough, but now what to pack four kids for lunch? Surprisingly, all four kids want something different. And surprisingly I do that. (At least this way I know they are eating it, instead of throwing it away. Have you been to a school cafeteria lately? Sadly at least half their food is thrown away.) I go to the deli and place my order for lunch meat, and while they are preparing that I check out the pre packaged salads. The kids love these salads, and often they include veggies, meat and fruit in them. It’s such a bonus when so many other options seem to be processed food.

While walking around I noticed the most adorable caramel covered apples that would be the perfect back to school teacher gift. I picked up a few of those, and feeling that I have finally gathered everything needed for my kids to have a great start to the new school year, I decided to treat myself to a Caramel Frappuccino. (But don’t tell my kids because this is their favorite Santoni’s treat!)

Though I know I will miss them all so much, I always feel blessed that they have such great schools and classmates that will help make the rest of their day go as smooth as my morning.


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