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Happy 389th Birthday, Maryland!!


Happy 389th Birthday, Maryland! Did you know that 389 years ago, two small ships, The Ark and The Dove, reached the coast of Maryland and that is how our story of the beautiful state of Maryland begins. The Santoni Family has been a part of serving Maryland communities since [...]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day


Ah, St. Patrick’s Day. On March 17th, every American is a little bit Irish. Everything is green from beer to bagels. Everyone can look for their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In our family, St. Patrick’s Day is a pretty big deal. Ever since I [...]

Happy Pi Day


Mathematics have never been my strong suit. I always struggled with math. It is just how my brain is wired. For some reason, Pi Day, has always been one mathematical calculation that I can remember. From being a kid, I remember learning that Pi was 3.14 f with an [...]

Stop into Santoni’s during the Lenton Season


Now that Mardi Gras is behind us, we are officially in the Lenten Season that runs Ash Wednesday through Saturday, April 8th. People that observe, maybe be looking for some meat-free meals. Let Santoni’s help you with your menu. We have our Friday Fried Fish Special…try saying that three [...]

Happy Mardi Gras


It is hard to believe that is it time for another Fat Tuesday or as translated in French, Mardi Gras. Fat Tuesday originally was the day to use up all the sugar, butter and lard in the kitchen before the 40 days of Lent. Over the years it has [...]

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