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Heartfelt Gratitude for Your Continued Support


Heartfelt Gratitude for Your Continued Support  As the proud owners of Santoni’s Marketplace & Catering we want to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you. Your support for us and our team has made all the difference, in good times and [...]

How to have a stress-free Thanksgiving


Thank you for letting Santoni’s help you out with your Thanksgiving meal.  All Santoni’s turkeys are 90% cooked in advance, since you will be reheating it before you serve your family and friends.  Santoni’s does this to ensure that you do not have a dried-out turkey after reheating.  To [...]

Bring Your Own Bag


Dear Valued Customer, As you may know, Baltimore County has implemented a plastic bag ban effective November 1st, 2023. Santoni’s is exempt from this ban under a “Mom and Pop” provision. However, Santoni’s is committed to being ecologically responsible and minimizing our impact on the environment. We encourage our [...]

Be a Hero – Donate Blood


Giving blood is a crucial act of altruism that can save lives. Every donation can make a significant difference, as it provides essential support to individuals in emergencies, surgeries, and those suffering from various medical conditions like cancer or anemia. By donating blood, you become a lifeline for those [...]

Thank a Farmer Today


Thank a Farmer Today Every year on the 12th of October, we celebrate National Farmers Day with gratitude. This day offers us a chance to honor the unsung heroes who toil day in and day out to ensure our plates are filled with nutritious food and our communities thrive. [...]

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