At Santoni’s Marketplace & Catering, we believe in the magic of family and community. Founded on the principles of togetherness and mutual support, our business isn’t just about providing exceptional food and service; it’s about creating a warm, welcoming environment where everyone feels like part of the family.

A Family Affair
From the very beginning, Santoni’s has been a family business. It all started with our founders, whose dream was to create a marketplace and catering service that felt like an extension of their home. Over the years, this dream has grown into a vibrant community hub, thanks to the dedication and hard work of our family members.
You’ll often find multiple generations of our family working side by side, from grandparents to grandchildren. Whether it’s in the kitchen, the office, or out on catering events, our family members are the heart and soul of Santoni’s. This strong familial bond ensures that every dish we prepare and every event we cater is infused with love and care.

Kids Growing Up in the Business
One of the unique aspects of Santoni’s is seeing our children grow up within the business. It’s not uncommon to find our kids lending a hand, learning the ropes, and developing a strong work ethic from an early age. These experiences are invaluable, teaching them the importance of teamwork, dedication, and the joy of serving others.

Our kids don’t just learn about the business; they become a part of its evolution. They bring fresh ideas and perspectives, helping us stay innovative while staying true to our roots. Watching them grow and contribute to Santoni’s is one of our greatest joys.

Friends Become Family
Santoni’s is more than just a family business—it’s a place where friends become family. Many of our employees start as friends or acquaintances, but through working together, they form deep, lasting bonds. The camaraderie and support among our team members are palpable, creating a positive and uplifting work environment.

Love Stories at Santoni’s
We’re proud to share that Santoni’s has been the backdrop for several love stories. Working closely together in a family-oriented atmosphere, it’s only natural that some of our employees have found more than just a job—they’ve found their life partners. These beautiful relationships are a testament to the close-knit, supportive community we’ve cultivated. Seeing couples meet, fall in love, and even get married here at Santoni’s is a joy that underscores the special environment we’ve nurtured.

A Commitment to Community
Our commitment to family extends to the broader community as well. We strive to create a welcoming space where customers feel like part of our extended family. Whether you’re visiting our marketplace for fresh, delicious food or entrusting us with your special event, we want you to experience the warmth and care that defines Santoni’s.

Join Our Family
At Santoni’s Marketplace & Catering, every meal we prepare and every event we cater is a labor of love, crafted by a team that values family and community above all. We invite you to join our family, whether as a customer, an employee, or a friend. Together, we can continue to create memories, celebrate milestones, and build a community that feels like home.

Thank you for being a part of our story. Here’s to many more years of family, friendship, and fantastic food!
With love, The Santoni Family

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