The winter holidays are one of the most exciting times of the year. With travel and other restrictions in effect, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many to change their plans. Here at Santoni’s, we’re committed to helping you make your holidays unforgettable. Check out our tips and tricks for a safe and fun holiday!

Keep It Small

It is currently not recommended to have the kind of large gatherings that are common during the holiday season. Consider downsizing your guest list to immediate family. If you can’t go without seeing extended family, be sure to take ample precautions to prevent possibly spreading the virus. If you’re looking to have your event catered, be sure to check out our Thanksgiving packages for five or ten guests, or call our catering office to set up something just for you.

Gather Virtually

Host a Zoom dinner with your far-away family, or a Zoom office party. With technology, the ways to enjoy each other’s company are endless. Video chat with Grandma while you make her special recipes, take your corporate holiday party online, and smile knowing you’re keeping everyone safe!

Mask Up

Masks are an incredibly important part of preventing the spread of the virus. It may seem silly to wear a mask around family, but if you don’t live in the same household, the CDC is recommending you wear a mask at all times at in-person gatherings.

Shop Safely

Take advantage of online deals, and consider curbside or contact-free pickup when it’s available. Don’t forget that Santoni’s offers curbside pickup!

Deliver Meals

If you can’t see your family and they live nearby, drop off a meal on their porch. Check in with your neighbors, too; elderly neighbors may not be able to see their families due to concerns about the risk involved. Pick up everything you need to cook dinner at the Marketplace!

Santoni’s has you covered for your holiday catering needs. With custom solutions from our all-star catering team, including covid-friendly corporate packages, the holidays can still be just as festive as ever. Check out our menus!

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