Santoni’s Cake Decorators really can do anything you imagine.  Recently one of our cake decorators Maddie, entered her first professional cake decorating contest and to say she went big is an understatement.  The theme for the contest was “storybook sweets” and Maddie decided she wanted to create a fantasy ice cream castle on top of a giant cone.  This looks amazing and every child I know would absolutely love to have this at their party. Congrats to Maddie for taking on a fun challenge and exceeding.

If you need a designer cake for your next celebration, make sure to come in and talk with our cake decorators to go over your vision.  They take their time listening to what you want and love bringing your vision to life.  Besides the beautiful cakes they can make they also taste delicious and Santoni’s offers several cake, icing and filler flavors for you to choose from.

Santoni’s Cake Menu

Santoni’s Wedding Cake Menu

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