Peach cake

We knew we had hit the peak of summer as a kid when we all went for a ride to the east side of town and visited my father’s childhood bakery. The bakery was so small and all of the ladies behind the counter had bright white hair and wore hair nets. I was too little to see over the counter but everything behind the glass window looked like something I wanted. There were huge, flat baking sheets and they were covered with peaches and more peaches. The smell of warm cinnamon was hanging in the air.

When it was my Dad’s turn at the counter, he would order several boxes of Peach Cake to take home to both sets of my grandparents and some for us to take home. My Gram would wait all year to have a hunk of the Peach Cake with a cup of her instant coffee. Before we could leave, the ladies with the hair nets had put the hunk of Peach Cake in a square white box and wrapped a red and white string around the box over and over again so it was tied up securely. You had to be Houdini or have a pair of scissors to break into the box. There was no way to sneak anything out of that box till we got home.

Thinking back to my childhood, I have to say I was pleased to see that Santoni’s is now making fresh Peach Cake this summer. The smell in our bakery is just like when I was a little girl. Our wonderful Bakery starts with dough laced with cinnamon that is rolled flat and prepped. Fresh, local Baugher’s peaches are layered on the dough and baked daily. After it comes out of our oven and cools, the cake is sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and a light honey glaze. Just the perfect finishing touch before it gets presented for sale.

If your mouth is watering and you now have a serious hankering for Peach Cake, stop in Santoni’s this week and get your very own Peach Cake (8”x8”) on sale for just $6.99. I hope you can enjoy them and share them with you family and friends as we did when I was a little girl.

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