Every year on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, more than 85 countries participate in Giving Tuesday, a “global generosity movement” that inspires people to give back by making charitable donations, volunteering in local nonprofit organizations, and doing simple acts of kindness.

Asha Curran, CEO of the Giving Tuesday organization, told Newsweek that it was meant to be a very simple idea of a day to give back after two days of consumption.

How can you participate in Giving Tuesday? Well, there are so many ways to show support on this Giving Tuesday.  The simplest is by showing recognition and sharing the #GivingTuesday to bring more awareness to it. You can donate clothes, food, or other items you may not need anymore but are still in good condition.  You can even volunteer your time at shelters, libraries, or nursing homes.

Of course, you can always donate to your favorite organization and make a difference monetarily.  Whatever you decide to do, just know how big or small it all makes a difference and helps others in need.

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